Tryin' To Be Here On The Regular (An Update From Amy and TJ)

The Unskilled Cavewoman

We talked to Samantha from Not only was she entertaining and informative, at one point, she had our jaws on the floor!

Just The Girls

Amy and TJ catch up with...everything.


Amy and TJ talk to their co-worker, Brooke, who has Crohn's disease. She gets real about what's happening in her AI fight right now...

Dax Shepard Talks Autoimmune

Dax Shepard (Yes, that famous guy from "Punked," "Parenthood," many movies AND the host of the award winning podcast "Armchair Expert") joins Amy and TJ to talk about his autoimmune disease...

Kari from

Amy and TJ talk to Kari from She talks about what it's like, not only to live gluten free herself but in a gluten free household and shares some of her favorite GF products!

Katie of WholeLovelyLife

Amy and TJ talk to Katie from Not only is she a Transformational Nutritional Coach, but an Autoimmune Disease specialist as well. On top of all that, her personal story of healing has been a crazy ride...

Still Laughing, Still Leaking. 1st Pod of 2019

It's 2019 and we're back! TJ and Amy talk about their holiday break and where the podcast is heading this year.

The End Of 2018

Amy and TJ talk food, podcast plans for 2019 and TJ's holiday trip to Vegas!

TJ's Back..

TJ's back and she fills us in on what crazy things happened over Thanksgiving. Plus, how she wrapped up her AIP elimination phase...