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Fake News (04/01/19)

Neighbors Have Epic Fight Over Free Couch Found On The Curb (FAKE)

Rats Are A Popular Food In Vietnam (REAL)

Not sure if anyone is open to having a delicious rat for dinner but turns out there are certain parts of the country which feast of these rodents. 

What you may not know is that rats are a popular source of protein among Vietnamese farming communities in both the north and south as well as some of the bigger cities in the region. In fact, rodent meat fetches higher prices than chicken and companies produces up to 3,600 tons of live rats a year, at a value of about $2 million. 

If you're grossed out right now it's probably because you don't realize there are actually dozens of rat species, and Vietnamese mostly eat two common ones: The rice field rat, which weighs up to half a pound, and the bandicoot rat, which can grow up to two pounds. At least 89 rodent species are eaten around the world, from Asia to Africa to South America to the United States, where squirrels have long been a choice of meals. 

If you're wondering what rat tastes like, foreigners who try rodent meat often say it tastes like chicken but the darker meat tastes more like a rabbit. Hungry yet?

Source: National Geographic

Girls Forced To Wear Skirts At School Win Lawsuit (REAL)

Charter Day School in Leland, North Carolina implemented a dress code that forced girls to wear skirts, skorts or jumpers that are knee length or longer. Failure to comply with this dress code could have meant discipline or expulsion for the students. Not anymore. 

The parents of three children, ages five, 10 and 14, filed a lawsuit along with the Civil Liberties Union against Charter Day.  Baker Mitchell, the founder of the academy that runs the school, had said the dress code helped to “preserve chivalry and respect among young women and men.” He cited societal concerns such as “teen pregnancies” and “casual sex” for the need to create a learning environment that “embodied traditional values” and offered the 1999 Columbine High School massacre as a motivation for a return to simpler times. The parents and students disagreed, as did the courts. 

U.S. District Judge Malcolm Howard found the policy in violation of violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. The judge said that this dress code means that you are treating girls differently than boys. 

Source" Independent 

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