You Stream, I Stream, It Seems We All Stream for Content!

A new report by Deloitte finds that 69% of U.S. households pay for at least one streaming service, up from 55% last year, with the average household subscribing to three. Meanwhile, 65% folks are subscribing to Pay TV services, and another 29% paying for live TV streaming services.

As for why so many are heading to subscription services, original content is the biggest factor, with 57% of Americans, and 71% of Millennials, citing that as the reason for joining a service.

Millennials are so hooked on streaming services, that 37% admit to binge-watching shows every week, with most spending an average of four hours in one sitting. And it’s not just original programs, with 70% of Millennials saying they stream movies weekly, and 40% doing so daily.

  • But it seems some folks are already getting a bit tired of all these subscription services. In fact, 47% of those polled say they have grown frustrated by the number of services they need to subscribe to in order to watch what they want. In addition, another 57% say they hate it when services remove content from their libraries.


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