Hilarious Drunk Texts From Parents

Being on the receiving end of a drunk text is often hilarious, and it’s even funnier if that text is coming from your mom and dad. Well, now Buzzfeed has shared some of the funniest drunk texts from parents and they're bound to leave you giggling.

Text exchanges include:

  • After a mom sent a picture, the exchange from her daughter went like this, “Lmaoo, you’re drunk,” “Who says?,” “The picture you sent me,” “how did you get that?,” “you just sent it.”
  • “Morgan, how come you never see a baby seagull?,” “I literally have no f***ing clue.”
  • A gal received the following text from her dad’s phone, “Daddy’s drunk and I can’t find my phone. Cab u call my phone do I c as n look for it please. Nobody wants to help me.”
  • “I had 2 margaritas,” “Yess,” “In honor of the birthing I did 26 years ago,” “I can’t even,” “I can, and, did.”
  • “It’s nene call me from this number,” “Who this,” “your son,” “What,” “it’s your son, remember I came out of you on January 19, 1995, remember now.” “What happened.”
  • “R U Ok,” “yes mom,” (2 minutes later), “R U Ok now.”
  • “Happy Big 21stbirthday to myy son. Happy Birthday hope you’re having an awesome day.” “I’m 22 and my birthday was in May.” 

Check out other exchangeshere.


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