The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

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Fake News (03/05/19)

Wife Makes Bank Off Of Affair Arrangement Website (FAKE)

Uber Driver Offers Menu Of Rider Talk Options (REAL)

Have you ever been in an Uber and had that awkward moment when the driver just won't shut up and just keeps talking the whole time during your trip? Well, one Seattle Uber driver is looking to help us all avoid that moment.

George Ure is a 38-year-old comedian who is also an Uber driver and he has started giving his passengers some options by handing out menus when they get in his car. There are five different types of rides you can pick from. They include the "Stand-Up," where he'll tell jokes and funny stories about his poor life choices. He also offers a "Silent Ride," where he won't bother you at all as well as a "Therapy Ride," where you get to vent and talk about all the stuff that's stressing you out.

The two other options on the menu are supposed to be jokes but I bet there will be a few people who order this from the menu. One is "The Creepy Ride," where he doesn't say anything but keeps staring at you in his rearview mirror and the other one is "The Rude Ride," where he just tries to be as rude as possible.

Source: GeekWire

Grandma Has To Be Rescued After Floating Off On Iceberg (REAL)

Sometimes it better to simply buy the postcard with a picture of the place your visiting on it rather than risk your life trying to get that perfect vacation selfie. 

One Texas grandmother learned that the hard way after a recent trip to Iceland turned very dangerous. Judith Strengwas touring Iceland with her son last week when they saw a big chunk of ice shaped like a throne that had washed up on a beach. So she decided to sit on it while her son took a picture. The problem was that a giant wave rolled in, picked up the chunk of ice she was on and carried her out to sea. 

Rescue crews had to be called in to help as the water was extremely cold and if she had fallen in, hypothermia would have set in fast. Luckily, someone on a boat saw it happen and picked her up.

Of course, her son caught the whole thing and took pictures. They posted those photos on Twitter and now grandma is going viral. 

Source: ABC News

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