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Fake News (March 4th)

Viral "Cheese Challenge" Has Adults Throwing Cheese At Babies (REAL)

The internet is an amazing place. It's been home to many crazy viral video challenges. The latest involves children and cheese. It's called the “cheesed challenge.” 

Instead of telling kids to say cheese when taking a picture, they now get cheese thrown at them. This new viral video craze was started on Twitter by @unclehxlmes. The Twitter user uploaded a video of himself approaching his toddler along with his brother while holding a slice of cheese. In a scene that could be described as a low-budget Hitchcock film, the seemingly terrified baby braces himself as his older brother tosses the cheese on his face. The video was so popular that it got more than 8.3 million views. Soon parents from all over the country started following this new trend. 

Source: Fox News

Here are a few of these videos for your viewing pleasure:

Beach Hires Golden Retriever As Life Guard (FAKE)

Woman Calls Cops On Dog That Humped Her Dog (REAL)

This woman seems like a boat load of fun. A video of an altercation in a Massachusetts park seems to show a white woman calling 911 on a black man because his dog 'aggressively' humped her dog in a canine courting session gone wrong.

The woman has been nicknamed 'Dog Park Diane' by those who have seen the video online. You can see the woman in the video speaking on the phone to police, attempting to report a crime in the dog park.

The man filming the video is the owner of the dog that was doing the humping, Franklin Baxley. You can hear him asking her, 'Why're you calling the cops right now? Because I told you I wasn't leaving the park? Because my dog humped your dog?' 

According to Baxley, the unnamed woman decided to involve police after she believed his dog 'assaulted' hers with an 'aggressive' hump.  Baxley can also be heard referring to Dog Park Diane as ‘BBQ Becky,’ referring to the infamous 2018 viral video where a white woman called the police on two black men because they were barbecuing in the grill-zone of an Oakland park.

Police did eventually arrive on the scene and said both parties were reasonable and understanding. Nobody was arrested or issued a citation. When asked if the woman's use of 911 was justified in the circumstances, the Sergeant replied: 'We have a motto written on the sides of our cars: no call too small."

Source: BroBible

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