Workers Reopen Store For Little Girls After Dad's Arrest

Police are crediting two McDonald’s employees in Sarasota, Florida for going out of their way to help make a bad situation better for a pair of little girls. The Sarasota Police Department reports that officers repsponded to a DUI investigation at around 1 in the morning outside the McDonald’s and found a man passed out behind the wheel of his car, while his four- and eight-year-old daughters were in the backseat.

According to officers, the little girls were hungry and needed to use the bathroom, but the McDonald’s was already closed and workers were cleaning up inside. But when officers explained the situation, the employees happily opened their doors to let the girls use the restroom and they turned on all the machines to cook for them. Sarasota Police say the staff members gave the girls anything they wanted to eat, stuffed their Happy Meals with toys, and wouldn’t even allow officers to pay for the bill.

“To the two McDonald’s employees who went above and beyond, you are two of the many reasons it’s an honor to continue to serve and protect such an amazing city,” the department writes in a shout out on Facebook. “THANK YOU!”

Source: Yahoo

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