Happy Hour News: Pharmacist Delivers Medicine To Customers On Snowmobile

This week has brought intense winter weather and as temperatures dropped in the danger zone and snow blocked roads and driveways, one pharmacist in Michigan had to get creative to get her customers their prescriptions. Pharmacist Andrea Cusack works at Lake Odessa Pharmacy and usually delivers medicines to her regular customers in the small community, so when she couldn’t drive on the snow covered roads, she enlisted the help of her 15-year-old son and their snowmobile to make a special delivery.

Cusack points out that it’s important to take prescriptions for blood pressure and diabetes regularly and she didn’t want anyone to run out of their medicine, so when other customers couldn’t come get their meds, she and her son were on the snowmobile once again to bring it to them.

"I truly care about people and want to help them,” Cusack explains. “And to see the response within the community, it's just overwhelming.”

Source: CNN

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