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Fake News for Feburary

February 28th

Man Buys $540 Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies And Then Gets Arrested By DEA (REAL)

Sometimes not every great story has a great ending. Especially when the DEA is involved. A guy in South Carolina had been going viral this month for buying $540 worth of cookies so two Girl Scouts could get out of the cold. 

Detric McGowan from Greenville, South Carolina earlier this month spent $540 to buy every single box of cookies from two Girl Scouts outside a grocery store, so they wouldn't have to stand out in the cold. The story went viral with people from all over the country talking about what a great and generous man he was. 

McGowan was arrested this week by Drug Enforcement Administration agents in connection with a 22-count indictment that includes charges of importing heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl from Mexico. 

So now, he's in jail waiting for his hearing. No word on what happened to the cookies. 

Source: The Smoking Gun

Groom Chokes Out Ex-Boyfriend At Wedding (REAL)

A Texas couple recently staged a WWE style event during their wedding to the shock of their guests. During the ceremony, the groom and his brides "ex-boyfriend" staged a WWE style fight in the middle of the room and slammed the “ex” right through a table in front of their friends and family.

Nick Boulanger and his new bride Alex Bravata are both fans of professional wrestling and wanted to do something that people would remember at their wedding. They came up with the perfect script that would play out during the event. 

In order to make the plan become a reality, Boulanger recruited Texas-based wrestler Steve Patin to play Bravata’s ex-boyfriend and personally built the table he would slam him through using the weakest wood he could find at a local Home Depot. Only the wedding party knew of their plans. Guests were left flabbergasted as it all unfolded. 

The video of the skit has now gone viral, getting more than 90,000 views on Instagram since it was posted on Sunday, and Boulanger couldn’t be happier how it turned out and that his wife even let him go through with it. Congrats! (See Video Here)

Source: Fox News

Florida Highschool Criticized For Serving Up Gator Meat (FAKE)

February 27th

Funeral Company Sued Over Resurrecting A Dead Man (REAL)

We've all seen the videos of people who attend a church where there's someone who gets reborn or healed by a pastor or member of the church. One South African pastor has found himself in hot water after he claims to have resurrected a man.

A group of funeral directors says they plan to sue Pastor Alph Lukau for a spectacle he put on in which he appears to convince churchgoers that he brought a man back from the dead. In a now-viral video, he can be heard shouting "rise up" to a man in a coffin. The man then sits upright as onlookers cheer.

The group says that Lukau staged the resurrection in order to manipulate South Africans into donating to the church. So far, three funeral companies say their reputations have been damaged by the stunt, after hiring out a hearse that was reportedly used by Lukau's church, Alleluia Ministries International. Social media users couldn't wait to have some fun with the story and created a hashtag movement called #ResurrectionChallenge

The church has since said that it didn't actually raise the man from the dead and that he was "already alive" when he arrived. No kidding. This is just the latest in a long line of religious leaders in the country who make extraordinary claims to their congregations.

Source: BBC

Study Says Your Phone Is Making You Fat (REAL)

How many of you have had a fork in one hand and your phone in the other at the dinner table? Good news is your not alone, bad news is that's probably the reason you're putting on weight.

A recent study tells us that by using our phones during meal time we are more likely to consume 15% more calories while staring at our phones. That has caused many of us to pack on the extra pounds. They also say that we tend to eat less healthy foods while doing this. 

The study also suggests that staring at a phone screen may distract diners from how much food they are actually eating. That, in turn, tricks our brains into thinking we haven't eaten enough. The study is published in the journal Physiology And Behavior. 

Source: Daily Mail

New Yorkers Start Dog Gangs In Competing Neighborhoods (FAKE)

February 26th

Report: Facebook Content Moderators Smoke Pot To "Numb" (REAL)

Who knew working for Facebook could be so stressful but Facebook moderators are having a hard time dealing with the exposure to racist posts, sexually-explicit content, and videos of people getting murdered. To cope with these stresses, employees are having sex with their co-workers and smoking marijuana on their breaks to “numb the pain,” according to a lengthy report.

The company's Phoenix office houses 1,000 of these contracted moderators, and a recent report ran by a vendor called Cognizant, finds that these folks grapple with the worst that the social network has to offer. Current and former employees have developed “PTSD-like symptoms,” by spending their days creeping on Facebook. Some employees joke about “drinking to forget” what they’ve seen and smoked marijuana during breaks. 

To make matters worse, these contracted employees make a fraction of what typical Facebook employees make, about $29,000 compared to $240,000. The good news is that a Cognizant spokesperson said the company has “investigated the specific workplace issues” raised by this report and “previously taken action where necessary. The spokesperson added the company has “steps in place to continue to address” the issues raised.

Source: The Verge

Dog Show Turns Ugly When Audience Member Munches On Jerky (FAKE)

Model Sells Virginity To Make Mom Proud (REAL)

I'm not really sure what the value systems of parents are in other parts of the world but I'm fairly certain this is not something mom's across the country would be proud of. 

A beautiful 23-year-old model named Mahbuba Mammadzada decided to advertise her virginity on an escort website recently. She's from the country of Azerbaijan and managed to get $2.6 million for it from a Japanese businessman.

So why exactly did she decide to sell her virginity? Simple, to make her mom proud.

She said, "I want to have a house for me and for my mom, so finally we can live in our own place, and also travel all over the world and my mom did everything for me, and now it's my turn to make her proud."

Looks like the deed is going to happen in Germany, where prostitution is legal and we have no word on if in fact, her mom is proud of this arrangement.

February 25th

Louisiana woman fighting the local government to keep her 14 pet possums (FAKE)

Teen Makes $35K Plowing In Seattle (REAL)

Nothing like taking advantage of mother nature while you're visiting relatives. One Idaho teen did just that during a recent winter storm in Seattle. 

David Holston, 18 years old, owns a landscaping and snow plowing company in Idaho. He was visiting his mom in the Seattle area for her birthday, and he brought along his plowing equipment thanks to a friend’s suggestion.

He took an ad out on Craigslist offering his plowing services after a snowstorm hit and he made $35,000 in four days by charging as much as $750 an hour to plow during the storms. While people could have shopped around for a better price from other snow plowers, Holston says his customers didn’t seem to mind the price but were just glad to have someone to plow.

Source: New York Post

Couple Shocked Giant Snake Lives In Toilet (REAL)

Imagine hearing something hissing from inside your toilet. Now imagine you opening the lid and finding a huge snake living inside your toilet. 

A pair of homeowners found a giant rat snake hiding inside their toilet after a freak accident in which they dropped and broke a candle inside the bathroom. One of the homeowners heard a hissing sound coming from the toilet and when they looked inside, they found a blue rat snake that had changed color from the toilet cleaning products. 

The couple is renovating the house and has not been staying on the premises so they don't have any idea how long the snake had been living there. Rat snakes are kept as pets fairly regularly in the area and officials think this might just be an escaped pet. Animal control collected the snake and hope to find its owner.

Source: Fox News

February 19th

Teen Falls Into Coma Wakes Up With New Baby (REAL)

Imagine having no idea you were pregnant but felt that something was wrong. Then imagine falling into a coma after going to bed with a headache only to wake up four days later and discover you had given birth to a surprise baby girl.

That's the story of 18-year-old Ebony Stevenson, who had no idea she was pregnant when she went to bed feeling unwell. She was taken to hospital after suffering a series of seizures where medics discovered she was expecting. Her unborn baby had been hidden in one of two wombs, in a rare condition called uterus didelphys. One of the wombs was continuing to menstruate while the other was growing her baby.

She was placed into a medically induced coma to combat her seizures. Doctors realized they needed to deliver the baby why she was in the coma and when she woke up four days later, she had just given birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. Due to the weight of the baby, doctors believe Ms. Stevenson actually carried the baby to full-term.

Source: BBC

Woman Flips Out Over Spanish Speaking Manager Of Mexican Restuarant (REAL)

Some people are simply looking to be aggravated about anything. Fortunate for us, just about everyone also has a cell phone that can record these meltdowns that take place on an almost daily basis. 

Let's take this white woman for example who while eating at the Tampico Mexican Restaurant in Petersburg, West Virginia, yelled at the manager for speaking Spanish. It's not exactly clear what she is yelling about, to begin with, but it is clear that the manager was speaking Spanish and the woman was not happy about it. 

Probably best if you watch the video yourself: Here

Woman Sues Sanitation Workers For "Stealing" Her Precious Garbage (FAKE)

February 14th

Doctors Warn That Too Many Grapes Can Cause Green-Tinted Skin (FAKE)

Woman Lights Stick Of Dynamite She Thought Was A Candle (REAL)

Never light the fuse of anything if you're not sure whether it will blow up in your face. That's a pretty safe rule to live by and unfortunately, a mother of two from Connecticut didn't abide by this rule.

Katrina Gutierrez suffered injuries to her left hand, right eye and chest and arms when she fetched what she thought was a candle from her darkened home’s basement, only to discover it was TNT when it exploded in her grasp. Power had gone out in her Connecticut home that she just purchased and went to the basement to find candles. 

What she found was a stick of dynamite left behind by the previous owners and now she's suing them for leaving the device at the home without letting them know it was there. She is expected to undergo ongoing medical treatment to treat her injuries.

Source: CT Post

More Married Couples Have Roommates Now (REAL)

The last thing you would think a newly married couple would want is to shack up with roommates but many are finding they have no choice. Especially in parts of the country where the housing costs are astronomical. 

This phenomenon has become far more common over the past two decades, especially in the nation’s most expensive markets. It's no coincidence that the areas with the most married-with-roommate households are concentrated on the West Coast, a known area of high home prices and unaffordable living expenses. 

Experts say the trend in these areas is expected to rise as home prices continue to up while people's incomes aren't rising as fast. For first-time married home buyers, especially those looking to buy in those unaffordable West Coast markets, finding a roommate to help offset housing costs may simply be the only thing to do. Happy house, um, roommate shopping!

Source: Trulia

February 6th

A New Program Can Tell If Your Partner Is In A Bad Mood (REAL)

Technology is a wonderful thing. Especially if it can help you avoid getting yelled at by your significant other in the future. 

Researchers at Texas A&M are now working on a new A.I. program that will monitor the voice of someone and will be able to tell if that person is in a crappy mood and ready to fight. It works by listening to the pitch and tone of your voice, and how your vocal patterns change throughout the day.  

So far, they've tested it on 34 different couples, and it can detect signs of conflict with 79% accuracy which is a heck of a lot more than most guys can do. It's not clear how soon they might work their way into Google Home or Alexa, or how much it'll cost. But seeing how fast technology is growing, it probably won't be too long before you can avoid your significant other when they're in a bad mood.

Source: Mirror

Fruit That Smells Like A Sewer Selling For $1K A Piece (REAL)

It's amazing what some people will consider appetizing around the world. Take this fruit in Asia for instance. 

The Durian is a hugely popular fruit that is enjoyed across many parts of Asia. The fruit is considered a treat, but also known for having a strong, unpleasant smell. That's not the only thing that is unpleasant about the fruit. It also goes for around $1,000 apiece. 

A group of farmers in central Java reportedly grow the “J-Queen” durian because it was said to have a special taste and feel. One farmer said he grew two rare durians, which were sold at a store in Tasikmalaya. They were sold for a little over $1,000 apiece.

It's described as creamy, like butter, sweet, fluffy and delicious.

Source: New York Post

Wedding Ring Lost 15 Years Ago Found in Stomach of Catfish (Fake)

February 5th

You Can Get Married At Dunkin Donuts Now (REAL)

Vegas has always been a wedding destination for people. Some planned and some unplanned but you could always find the perfect wedding theme. Enter Dunkin who will be taking over a Vegas wedding chapel run by Sure Thing. 

Couples can now tie the knot with the help of Dunkin Donuts this month, and it sounds like an experience you dough-nut want to miss. This Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. couples who get married in the chapel will be surrounded by Dunkin’ décor and “bling,” as well as an officiant with Dunkin’ pink hair. 

Anyone can get married or renew their vows and the first 100 couples to get married will also be given a Dunkin’ doughnut bouquet. 

Source: Fox News

Former Pilot Swears He Can Still Fly, Crashes During Takeoff (FAKE)

Woman Has Finger Amputated After Manicure (REAL)

Not a great story if you're planning on going to the nail salon soon to get a manicure or pedicure. Seems a woman did just that recently and while she was there she ended up with a bacterial infection. 

The infection happened after she received a small cut in her finger during the manicure. She was told to go to the hospital, where she endured five operations in six days before the top of her finger had to be cut off. 

She is hoping that tighter hygiene regulations at nail salons will become a priority for lawmakers. 

Source: DailyMail

February 1st

Cruise Line Won't Refund Money To Disabled Veteran (REAL)

After two years of saving up for a vacation, a Navy veteran and his wife spent $3,000 on a cruise. On January 6th, the couple boarded the Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas in New Jersey and headed for their first stop, Puerto Rico. 

However, the ship experienced technical issues with its air conditioning system and left passengers stuck in hot cabins with temps as high as 86 degrees. Rick Rettinger is paralyzed from the waist down and sleeping on deck by the pool wasn't an option for him. He couldn't even move to another cabin because his wheelchair wouldn't fit. He and his wife were stuck in the hot room the whole cruise.

At the end of their cruise, passengers found notes in their cabins apologizing for "technical issues" with the air conditioning. In the letter, Royal Caribbean said it would refund $200 for their inconvenience.  Royal Caribbean confirmed the incident but said it affected only a small section of the cruise and the issue has since been resolved. But other's who have cruised on that ship say it still isn't fixed. 

Two Gentlemen Are Now Raising A Plastic Doll Together (REAL)

Families come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in plastic. A New York couple, AJ Sapolnick and Mark Kirby, decided it was time to have a child. Only their child is a plastic doll named Digby Du Pont. 

The retired teacher, Sapolnick and his husband, former dentist Mark Kirby decided to have a baby “that wouldn’t impede our lifestyle.” They have been caring for their child since 1990 and celebrated many of Digby's milestones such as a birthday celebration at the ‘21’ Club and a bar mitzvah at a fancy New York restaurant. 

Their son also gets spoiled with gifts such as Cartier and Rolex watches, trips around the world and dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants. They consider Digby to be a bit entitled but are happy they haven't had to deal with any sort of teen rebellion. 

Source: New York Post

Flavored Pencils Aimed At People Who Chew On Erasers (FAKE)

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