NFL Male Cheerleaders Will Perform At The Super Bowl For First Time

For the first time in history, the Super Bowl will have male cheerleaders. The Los Angeles Rams broke ground when they hired the first male cheerleaders in the NFL at the beginning of the season.

Both men – Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies – say they have been looking forward to the big game and are happy society is changing. Apparently, the fans are feeling it, too. "To see the way that they've been embraced by their fans is pretty unbelievable," says their coach Emily Leibert, “They're extraordinary in that they're trailblazers but they're also totally normal teammates and they fit right in, and I think that the fans have embraced them as such.” Check out Napoleon’s moves below.

The Rams will take on the New England Patriots on February 3rd in Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta.

*(Insert Old Grandpa Voice) Back in my day, we called them stuntmen.  Ya know... because it sounded more "manly".  

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