Things People Wish They Knew Before They Got Married To Their S/O

It’s hard to know everything about a person, even if you’re about to marry them, and sometimes folks are shocked by the things they learn after saying their “I Dos.”

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing the things they wish they knew about their spouse before they got married, and while some are funny, many are sad and downright shocking.

Things people wish they knew about their spouse before getting married include:

  • “The biggest stab in the back is agreeing to start a family before we got married and now changing your mind.”
  • “That he’s been struggling with his sexuality since he was 11 and is actually gay.”
  • “I just found out my ex got a girl pregnant two months before we got married.”
  • “That she would change completely after kids and I’ll have to lose everything in order to have any meaningful happiness in my life.”
  • “That he has no idea what ‘romance’ means. I probably would have married him anyway. It just would have been nice to know.”
  • “How often he farts. Especially in his sleep. Our bedroom smells like someone died in there every morning.”
  • “I wish I had noticed that he when he brushes his teeth he spits all over the faucet. Disgusting.”
  • “She was raped as a girl and didn’t tell me before we got married. Years later it comes out.”
  • “My husband is asexual, I didn’t know this before we got married. I love him so much but I don’t know what I should do about it.”

Source: Daily Mail 

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