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Fake News: (12/18/18)

Cremated Remains Stolen From Post Office (REAL)

A cremation business based in Las Vegas, Nevada is offering a $3,000 reward to whoever returns three sets of cremated remains that were stolen on Friday. The ashes were stolen while an employee was in the middle of trying to ship them to the deceased parties’ loved ones out-of-state.

The employee claims that someone pulled up in a car, then took the boxes before driving away. Las Vegas Cremations General Manager Philip Smith thinks the thief may have mistaken the boxes for Christmas packages. While it’s worth noting that the actual boxes were labeled “cremated remains,” they were inside three green tote bags at the time they were snatched up.

Now, the families are pleading, along with the company, for their return, even promising that they can do so anonymously without question. “This is not a replaceable item,” says Rachel Storey. “There’s nothing to replace him and we just want him back. We’ve already lost him, let’s not lose the little bit we had.”

Source: Fox News

Judge Rules Deer Poacher Must Watch "Bambi" Monthly Behind Bars (REAL)

A group of poachers from Missouri have been convicted of illegally killing “several hundred deer” in a multi-year case that the state’s Conservation Department is calling one of its “largest conservation cases involving the illegal taking of deer.” In case you missed it, one of the poachers got a creative dose of punishment on top of his jail time.

The prosecutor says that the group of poachers killed hundreds of deer over a period of three years, taking the heads of the “trophy bucks” and leaving “the bodies of the deer to waste.” While you may not think at first that watching a movie is much of a punishment to fit that crime, a judge has come up with a cinematic way to make one of the poachers think about their actions.

According to court records obtained by the Springfield News-Leader, a judge has ruled that David Berry Jr’s sentence include watching “the Walt Disney movie ‘Bambi’” every month while serving time behind bars. It seems like they figured being forced to watch little Bambi’s mom being killed by hunters over and over again in the 1942 movie would send a message about his hunting habits.

Source: Springfield News-Leader

Woman Claims She Had Half-Vampire Babies With Her Vampire Husband (FAKE)

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