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Fake News (12/14/18)

Study Finds Eating Dirt Could Cure Obesity (REAL)

If you think eating salads when you’re trying to lose weight is boring, you probably won’t be so thrilled to hear that researchers think eating dirt could be the new cure for obesity. Researchers at the University of South Australia have published a new study detailing the surprising discovery they made while studying how clay dirt materials absorb medicine.

Apparently, along with the medicine, the clay can also “soak up” stomach fat. On top of that, lead researcher Tahnee Dening says the clay goes a step further and prevents the fat “from being absorbed by the body, ensuring that fat simply passed through the digestive system.”

The findings make Dening and her team think they “could be onto something,” possibly even “a cure for obesity.” But don’t go ahead and start your dirt-eating cleanse just yet. Although the clay worked better than weight loss drugs on the lab rats, Dening warns this new research hasn’t been tested on humans yet.

Source: Eureka Alert

Police Called On Toddlers After Fight Breaks Out At Daycare (FAKE)

Victoria's Secret Model Slammed For Exercising In Front Of In-N-Out(REAL)

Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale is under fire for a strange stunt she pulled on her Instagram story on Wednesday. The supermodel decided to post videos of herself working out in front of the West Coast fast food chain In-N-Out Burger. Now. people are accusing her of “fat-shaming.”

“Not gonna pretend that I eat here guys cause I don’t,” she wrote in one of the posts, all of which have since been deleted. Instead, she did some leg lifts and jumped rope in her workout gear, while paying customers walked around her to enter the restaurant.

After she was done, she went to a grocery store on the same lot to enjoy “every vegetable”... presumably, to make another point about health. The Twitterverse has since called her out for her “unkind” behavior and “entitlement.” "I bet it made the people enjoy the burger even more," one user writes.  Check out the tweets below.

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