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The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

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Fake News (11/29/18)

Restaurant Breaks Record With Spaghetti The Length Of Entire Town (FAKE)

Man Sues State Of Hawaii For False Missile Alert (REAL)

James Sean Shields and Brenda Reichel, a couple from Hawaii, are suing the state. Their claim? That their false missile alert earlier this year caused Shields to have a heart attack. According to the suit, former head of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Vern Miyagi is a defendant.

The couple claims they received the alert on their phones while they were driving to the beach on January 13th. They thought it was real, as many did, and claim they “were extremely frightened and thought they were shortly going to die.” When they got to the beach, where they assumed their time was coming to an end, they started calling their loved ones to say goodbye.

Shields started getting a “severe and painful burning” in his chest after he called his son and daughter, who live out of state. He was rushed to the hospital, going into cardiac arrest and shortly after, emergency surgery. A California cardiologist is supporting their claim by blaming it on the false missile alert.

“Mr. Shields had no known cardiac disease,” he noted in the suit. “Within 15 minutes of learning of the impending missile attack, Mr. Shields had developed symptoms of an acute myocardial infarction. Shortly after that, he experienced cardiac arrest.”

Source: CNN

Big Mouth Billy Bass Is Now Compatible With Alexa (REAL)

Everyone’s favorite talking fish just got an upgrade. The holiday season is here, and that means that Big Mouth Billy Bass is going back on the shelves. But now, a new version of the flap-jawed fish is on the market that is compatible with Alexa... which should make it even more annoying.

That means it can respond to voice commands through Amazon’s voice service. Although it looks very similar to the original, complete with the classic red button, Billy can now connect to the Alexa app through Bluetooth or by connecting to your smartphone. So, when you ask Alexa a question or make a request, the response will come straight from the fish’s mouth.

This could be a unique approach to getting your not-so-tech-savvy family members down with new technology. The upgraded Billy Bass works with almost every Alexa device available on Amazon, including the brand new Echo Show. It goes for $40 and is available to pre-order before it goes on sale December 1st HERE.

Source: Gizmodo

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