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Fake News (11/26/18)

Restaurant Criticized For Serving Up Mold As Garnish (FAKE)

Airline Asks Passengers to Chip in Money for Plane's Repairs During Runway Delay (REAL)

When a LOT Polish Airlines flight from Beijing to Warsaw experienced a technical issue that required repairs before they could take off, they turned to the passengers for help. Since the mechanics reportedly wouldn’t accept anything but cash, airline staff came up with the bright ideas to ask passengers to shell out their own cash to help pay for the repairs.

Apparently, there was an issue with the plane’s hydraulics that called for a new pump. But according to reports, the staff at the airport in Beijing, China wouldn’t accept a bank transfer as payment. So, some of the 249 passengers chipped in to raise more than $350 in cash. One of the passengers Daniel Golebiowski was shocked about the situation, saying, “I cannot believe that transactions take place here in cash under the table with the mechanic standing next to the plane – incredible.”

Luckily, the generous donors were reportedly reimbursed and given vouchers when they finally safely arrived in Warsaw… after waiting more than 10 hours for the repairs to be done. And the staff member who originally asked for their hard-earned cash will be penalized, though it’s not clear how. A spokesman for the airline has apologized to the passengers, adding, “there are no circumstances that justify asking for money from passengers.”

Source: Metro

International Space Station Infested With "Space Bugs" (REAL)

A new study by NASA has revealed the International Space Station is infested with “space bugs.” The infectious organism, called Enterobacter, is reportedly similar to those found in hospitals on earth… and they could be bad news for astronauts.

Research was done on five strains of bacteria found on the station’s toilet and exercise platform back in 2015. According to the study, there’s a 79% chance that the bugs can cause disease. So, if they’re drug-resistant, that means that astronauts’ health could be at risk.

But the good news is that researchers say the bugs aren’t strong enough to cause illness in humans yet… but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to keep an eye on the strange organisms. Moving forward, the scientists want to study them further to find out more information on the threats they pose.

Source: Mirror

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