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Where Your Car Is Most Likely To Be Stolen In Every State (Including WI)

Car thefts happen every day, but who’s stealing isn’t necessarily who you think. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has come out with their annual report on who and where cars are being swiped.

The NICB says that most cars are taken by organized crime rings and are very methodical. Last year, over 773-thousand vehicles were stolen and most by those rings. Common cars are more likely to be taken, because parts are a big business.

More importantly, it’s where you live that makes you the biggest target. Many of the crime rings operate out of big cities, so the closer you are to them, the more at risk you are.

  • If you're in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, the chances are slim your ride will be stolen. And in California, you’d think Los Angeles or San Francisco would be theft hotbeds, but the highest car theft spot in the state is Redding.
  • The same can be said for Massachusetts. You’d say Boston, right? Wrong! It’s Springfield, right near the border with Connecticut. One state with the highest swipe rate is Nebraska. Over four-thousand vehicles were pilfered there last year.
  • That’s more than New Jersey, which comes in with under 800 being taken last year. The biggest shocker is New York. You’d think New York City would be the metro area with the most thefts. Not even close. It’s Buffalo!


Metro area with most car thefts: Milwaukee

Vehicle theft rate: 413.4 per 100,000 residents 

Total vehicles stolen in 2017: 6,516

Most stolen car in Wisconsin: Dodge Caravan

You can check out the full list of hotbed car theft areas for each state HERE.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

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