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Fake News (11/08/18)

Man In Legal Battle To Become 20 Years Younger For Tinder Dates (REAL)

At some point, everyone has wished they could turn back time. But a 69-year-old from the Netherlands is taking it to the next level...he’s in a legal battle to get 20 years knocked off of his age. Emile Ratelband not only wants to get back into the workforce… he’s hoping to score some more dates on Tinder, too.

Ratelband says that he “identifies” as a 49-year-old, backing it up by claiming that doctors told him at his last physical that he has the body of one. So, his argument is that if transgender people are allowed to get their gender legally changed, he should be allowed to change the date on his birth certificate to reflect his self-identity.

He’s also determined to make the change because he claims he faces discrimination due to his age. If he slashes off 20 years, he says he can “buy a new house, drive a different car” and get a job more easily. Plus, he’s seen that Tinder dates don’t come as often when you say you’re 69 years old.

Source: Lad Bible

Husband Writes 10-Page Paper About Why He Shouldn't Do The Dishes (FAKE)

Therapist Asks Ex-Con Patient For Help Hiring A Hitman (REAL)

A psychotherapist from New Jersey has been arrested and charged after allegedly asking her patient to help her to hire a hitman. According to the complaint filed by Diane Sylvia’s patient, who is an ex-gang member, she made the request after learning about his past in organized crime.

After the patient told the FBI, an undercover agent met up with Sylvia posing as a hitman. That’s when she changed her story, instead asking for an assault to be carried out, saying, “He needs his pretty little face bashed in.” Why? That "someone" was reportedly blackmailing her and could get her fired.

Instead, she ended up getting herself fired and put in prison. After paying the “hitman” $1,000 for advice and allegedly finding the victim’s truck, and then another $4,000 to pull off the assault, she’s now facing up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

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