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Fake News (11/06/18)

Chinese Food Restaurant Considering Only Serving Locals' Favorite Mexican Food (FAKE)

Self-Proclaimed Wife Hunter Posts Shocking Guidelines For His Future Bride (REAL)

If you’re looking for love, there are better ways to find that special someone than stapling a few leaflets around town. But it seems like a self-proclaimed “wife hunter” had trouble finding his perfect woman at the local bars, since he's posted an ad looking for his bride-to-be… and he has some pretty strict guidelines. Here’s some of the highlights (his great grasp of spelling in bold):

The “single white male 50” is seeking a "single white, Asian, Hispanic, Europeen or Mid-Eastern female (so basically, anyone not Black), legal age to 30" and not only requires that the woman not have any male friends and always stay by his side, but he even says she’ll have to undergo a lie detector test every six months to “earn his trust.” 

  • The woman must be “petite under 140 pounds”
  • “No drug addicts” allowed
  • "No whores"
  • “No sluts” allowed, plus he notes “my idea of a slut is any woman by the age of thirty who has more than 5 sexual partners”
  • The woman must not have “had sexual relashions with a black person, no exceptions”
  • The bride is “perferably a virgin”
  • “She will stay by my side or at home, even when I am at work”
  • “If she wishes to go out she will do so with me by her side, I will not put up with a so called girls night out where she can f*ck around on me”
  • The bride-to-be must “only have female friends” and “no male freinds
  • “She will be given a lie detector test every six months till she earns my trust”
  • And finally, she will “do as asked, when asked”

The printed ad was photographed and posted to Reddit, where users understandably mocked the ridiculous requests. Unfortunately, the man left his email at the bottom of the post, so some users say they sent him bogus responses as fake interested women. Check out the post for yourself HERE.

And if by chance this "romeo" sounds like the catch for you? Reach out to him via email at

Source: Reddit

Uncle Returns To Family Home Two Weeks After His Funeral (REAL)

Aigali Supugaliev, a man from Kazakhstan, was reported missing back in July. When nothing changed after two months, he was presumed dead...especially when a corpse was found near his home...and the DNA matched him to the tune of 99-point-92%. So it was quite a shock when he came walking through the door of his family home a couple of months after his funeral.

It turns out the family had buried the wrong guy! So where was Aigali really? He was apparently offered a four-month job on a farm far away, leaving without notifying his family members. When he came back despite the DNA testing, funeral and death certificate in his name, his niece nearly fainted.

So what of the DNA testing that supposedly proved he was dead? The scientist who carried out the test says that the 0-point-08 percent unlikelihood of a match is the key. “It is impossible to state unequivocally that this is the body of a person, relying only on the results of the DNA examination,” he adds.

Source: Mirror

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