The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

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Fake News (11/01/18)

Jealous Sister Blows Down Brother's Record-Breaking Card Tower (FAKE)

Actor Admits He Cut His Own Arm Off And Posed As War Veteran (REAL)

Todd Latourette, an actor from New Mexico, is outing himself for cutting off his own hand and posing as a war veteran to get more acting gigs. He’s coming forward because living with the lie has been difficult – plus, he wants to spread a message about mental illness.

Latourette, who claims to suffer from bipolar disorder, says that he severed his own hand with a saw 17 years ago while in a “psychotic episode” while off his meds. His extreme ruse worked, too, and he most recently appeared on episode five of the fourth season of AMC’s “Better Call Saul.” “The film industry obviously took a different angle, that I was different, so they liked that,” he adds.

Now that he’s come forward and probably hindered his chances of getting any more roles, he says he’s not looking for forgiveness – he just wants to spread the word about his lesson learned. “The power is in your hands to take your medication in the morning, or at night,” he says. “So that this discourse of my life doesn’t need to necessarily be yours. Because, it happens quick.”

Source: KOB 4

Woman Marrying One Of Her Many Ghost Lovers (REAL)

A British woman who previously claimed she’s slept with 20 ghosts has now broken the news that she’s set to marry one of her phantom lovers. According to Amethyst Realm, the unnamed ghost proposed to her while they were on a romantic getaway celebrating nine months of “dating” in the Wookey Hole caves of England.

So how’d the engagement go down? “There was no going down on one knee – he doesn’t have knees,” she explains. “But for the first time, I heard him speak. I could actually hear his voice and it was beautiful, deep, sexy and real.”

Realm says that her family has been supportive of her unconventional engagement. So now she’s going to start planning a “Pagan” ceremony to tie the knot with her beloved poltergeist. “We haven’t discussed the details yet but I think it will be quite a big do,” she adds.

Source: The Sun

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