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The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

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Fake News (10/25/18)

Thieves Get Arrested After Being Told To "Come Back Later" (REAL)

A group of six individuals recently tried to rob a store in Belgium… and they could’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for the quick-thinking store owner. After the armed thugs walked in one afternoon demanding money from Didier, he warded off the attempted robbery by telling them he didn’t have enough money in the cash register at the moment.

Apparently the would-be thieves believed him when he told them they could cash out if they came back later, since they ended up returning to the store a few hours later. Once again, he told them that it wasn’t a good time and to come back a little later. “I told them you’ll take 1,000 bucks [now], but if you come back tonight you might be able to take more,” Didier told the local paper. “They weren’t the brightest.”

Shockingly, the attempted robbers came back to the store for a third try. Only this time, Didier had called the police. So, five of the six were arrested, while the last of them managed to finally get a clue and escape.

Source: CNN

Dog Was Taught To Make Its Own Food And Take Itself On Walks (FAKE)

Humans Are Getting In The Way Of Dolphins' Sex Lives (REAL)

Researchers have discovered that humans are getting in the way of dolphin’ sex lives. According to a new study from Murdoch University, dolphins that mingle with tourists too often have been kept off their usual mating and resting schedules.

Dolphins reportedly spent 82% of their time around humans, especially during popular times for tourists. Unfortunately, those peak times are usually when the aquatic animals are meant to be taking a load off… or spending some time with a partner. So when they do get some time to relax away from human interaction, they’re more likely to stay away from their usual habitats, which threatens their normal eating and mating habits.

“Dolphins need time to recover from a disturbance to return to a pre-disturbed activity state,” lead researcher Julian Tyne explains. “Repeated exposure to human activities has resulted in long-term habitat abandonment, which has subsequently biologically negative impacts on populations.”

Source: News AU

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