Fake News (10/15/18)

Woman Asked To Stop Using Drone To Keep Tabs On Kid At School (FAKE)

Couple Launches “Good Boy” Beer For Dogs (REAL)

Megan and Steve Long decided to take their bar and restaurant experience in a different direction after noticing their dog's digestion problems

They created a beer company that serves up beer for dogs

The non-alcoholic "beer" contains healthy ingredients that can help with a dog's digestion

 “Vampire” Child Found Buried In Fifth Century Italian Grave (REAL)

Archaeologists recently found what they're calling the "Vampire of Lugnano"

The remains of a 10-year-old child biting on a stone were discovered at the "Cemetery of Children" in Italy

Researchers believe that since evidence suggests the child suffered from malaria, they could have been buried in a "vampire burial" ritual

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