The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

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Fake News (10/05/18)

Officials Concerned About San Antonio Gentlemen’s Club Called “Emergency Room” (REAL)

A new gentlemen’s club in San Antonio, is stirring up trouble before even opening its doors

City officials are concerned that the club "Emergency Room" could be confused for an actual ER

Plus, the owners reportedly never applied for a permit for their "Emergency Room" sign


 Middle Schoolers Protest Outside School Complaining That Food Is "Too Mushy" (FAKE)

Thailand Hotel Criticized For Nazi-Themed Room (REAL)

A Nazi-themed "Communist" room in a Thai love hotel has sparked outrage

The room is painted red and covered in pictures of Hitler and swastikas

It's apparently one of the most popular rooms in the 24-hour sex hotel

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