Uhhhh... Drinking Urine Is A Thing

For health and fitness coach Faith Canter, drinking urine can actually fix some of your ailments. Sound gross? Yeah, we thought so, too. Canter isn’t just applying some pee to a jellyfish sting. She’s ACTUALLY drinking the stuff. But how did the drinking urine thing even start? 

Turns out, she had an extreme allergic reaction to a mosquito bite and ended up with a very swollen right eye. She tried several medical treatments but nothing worked. She decided to test out the urine theory, and sure enough, her reaction was gone within hours of downing some wee. What’s worse? She now drinks two glasses a day for the health benefits. 

Sure, urine therapy – aka urophagia – is a thing from ancient cultures. But can you believe there are people who still swear by the practice today? And by the way – this isn’t widely accepted either. Seriously…what are these people thinking? 

Source: Metro

The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

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