The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

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Fake News (09/17/18)

Authorities Break Up Giant Fight At Retirement Home (FAKE)

Taco Bell Employee Fired After Refusing To Serve English-Speaking Customer (REAL: Read More)

A Taco Bell employee in Hialeah, Miami, Florida has been fired after refusing to serve an English-speaking customer

A video of the incident has gotten a lot of attention on social media

The video shows the employee locking the drive-thru window shut while she threatens to call the police

Britain’s Oldest Person Says Secret To Long Life Is Whiskey (REAL:Read More)

Grace Jones is the oldest person in Britain at 112 years old

She says the secret to her long life is whiskey every day

She's been drinking a splash of whiskey every night for more than 60 years

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