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The Road Tripp w/ Bobby Tripp

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Fake News (7/11/18)

World’s Largest Spoon Is As Big As A Pool (Fake)

Giants Lineman Furious TSA Spilled His Mom’s Ashes (REAL)

In case you missed it, New York Giants lineman A.J. Francis is - to put it mildly - furious with the way his mom’s remains were treated when he flew this week. The lineman took to social media and posted photos of what we figured out a suitcase and his clothes with his moms ashes all over them.

We can’t repeat most of what he said, as Francis was understandably upset, but the gist is the TSA went through the urn and didn’t seal it back up. The NFL player made a point to say he was fine with his bag being searched, but touching the urn was a huge problem.

The TSA tweeted back explaining that agents are taught to never search remains and then apologized and sent their condolences (they've also denied they did it at all). In a colorful way, Francis rejected their apology.

Luxury Car Burns Up After Someone Drove Off With A Gas Nozzle (REAL)

Most of us have probably left a gas nozzle in the tank after filling the car with gas. Well, one such mistake ended with a Lamborghini up in flames. A person was shooting cell phone video of two exotic cars at a gas station. They were 400-thousand dollar Lamborghinis, one red and one blue.

Moments into the guy filming, a van opposite the luxury vehicles pulled away from a pump with the nozzle still in the van. That caused fuel to spray into the blue car’s engine area and it ignited. The gas pump was reduced to rubble. Surprisingly, the red Lamborghini only got covered with ash. No one got hurt and the exotic car owner was understanding.

Get some smelling salts ready for the van owner’s insurance company!

Source: Fox St. Louis

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