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Fake News Contest for 06/07/18

France To Build “Alzheimer’s Village” (REAL)

Imagine a place where Alzheimer patients can wander without medication. That’s what France is working on. They’re looking to create an "Alzheimer’s village" those living with the disease can walk outside, go shopping, and dine at restaurants without taking their medication. It’s all to help patients live a normal life by increasing their freedom and reduce anxiety.

What's there? The 120 residents will live there with 100 caretakers and 120 village volunteers to operate the shops. They'll also looked after by a medical staff. “We hope that the patients will be less constrained and anxious, happier. The same goes for the medical staff,” says Françoise Diris, president of the France Alzheimer Landes association.“Families will also be more relaxed and feel less guilty.” 

The idea came from the late Henri Emmanuelli, who created the project after seeing a Dutch model of a similar project. Now, French researchers are using the concept to create their own village that helps people with Alzheimer's “maintain participation in social life, but also keeping them safe.

  • The village will be studied to test “the impact of new therapeutic approaches on patients, carers and medical staff,” as compared to nursing homes. However, a village like this can be awfully pricey. It will take about $23.5-million to build and $8-million to maintain.
  • And did we mention its being built to look like a medieval citadel? Researchers say they’re doing so to “avoid patients becoming disoriented.”

Source: The Sun

Newspaper Pulled Obit That Shamed Mother (REAL) 

As we told you yesterday, a brother and sister from Minnesota trashed their mother in her obituary. Gina and Jay Dehmlow described their mother Kathleen Dehmlow’s extramarital affairs and how she abandoned them when they were younger for her new life with their uncle. They even went so far as to say, “this world is a better place without her.” Well since the story has gone viral, the “Redwood Falls Gazette,” that originally published the obit has now taken it down.

It’s being reported that some readers asked the paper to take it down as they felt it was in poor taste to publish it. General manager Lisa Drafallof the paper says that the family paid for the obituary, but couldn’t say more on the matter.

Source: Minnesota Star Tribune

Man Creates Working Car Out Of Cardboard (FAKE)

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