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Fake News (6/4/18)

Louis Vuitton Hired A Shaman To Stop Rain Before Show (REAL)

You know what they say- the show must go on- and for Louis Vuitton it will do so without the rain. That’s why the brand hired a shaman for its latest show in France to prevent rain from soaking its runway show. According to “Page Six,” the guru has previously blessed the fashion brand’s shows so this week’s walk wasn’t anything new. 

Now- the idea may seem a little silly, in fact company execs felt the same way in the beginning, which is why they originally cut him from the budget. However, after last week’s Dior show down pour, Louis Vuitton did not want to mess around. Stylist Kate Young confirmed to "Vogue" that the “shaman stave[d] off the rain and apparently all his work succeeded.”

The runway reportedly stayed completely dry until after the show at Fondation Maeght in South of France. Dry guests included Emma Stone, Ruth Negga and Sienna Miller.

Source: Page Six

Ohio Police Warn Meth Users Drug May Contain Zika (REAL)

An Ohio police department is taking extra measures to catch meth users with a hilarious Facebook post. The message warned meth users that their stash could contain Zika virus. The warning seemed much more a way of luring users to turn themselves in rather than saving them from infection.

“WARNING: If you have recently purchased Meth in Preble, Montgomery, Darke or Butler Counties it may be contaminated with the Zika Virus,” the Gratis Police Department wrote. “Please bring it to the Gratis Police Department and we will test it for free. If you’re not comfortable coming into our office, please contact us and we’ll test your Meth in the privacy of your home.”

The department later admitted that meth can’t possibly host the virus and Assistant Chief Dennis Blakenship assured it was nothing more than a joke. "We're just trying to keep things lighthearted and humanize the police department with some jokes," he says."We're not doing it to arrest 100 people that are going to bring in meth. Drug addiction is a serious issue and I pride myself in helping people when it comes to that."

Some users were quick to accuse the department of entrapment, while others accused the town’s people of not having a sense of humor.

Company Offers Employees A Raise For Each Child They Have (FAKE)

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