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Real or Fake News (5/31/18)

Woman Lands Six-Figure Gig...And Jail After Stealing LinkedIn Profile (REAL)

A Louisiana woman is about to do time in the slammer after assuming another woman’s identity she stole from LinkedIn, which landed her a six-figure HR job. Cindy White has been sentenced to 10-years in prison after using a woman’s LinkedIn profile, who had a similar name to her, to get a job as a human resources manager at Diversified Foods and Seasonings.

The resume claimed Cindy had a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University and a master’s from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her salary started at $95-thousand in September of 2015 and she was then promoted five months later to senior human resources director earning $105-thousand a year. Diversified Foods got a little suspicious of Cindy when she couldn’t even handle the basics of her job even though her resume stated otherwise. After looking closer into her personnel file, company officials found her to be a fraud and she was fired in May 2016. However, she’d already been paid $56,209 for her time with the company.

What’s crazy is that this isn’t even the first time that Cindy has done something like this. Three other companies have claimed they too were scammed by Cindy. A known eye doctor in the area says she was hired in August 2016 as a medical practice manager at $65-thousand a year and asked for a $7-thousand raise a month later. She often had performance issues at work and was let go by November. She was also hired by the New Orleans Museum of Art years ago claiming to have an M.B.A from Emory University, but was fired because she couldn’t provide her credentials. After that she also tried applying for disability. She also tried pulling one over on an architectural firm, but they actually deemed her overqualified for the position so they never offered her the job.

Cindy was also able to obtain her latest victim’s Social Security number and driver’s license. Prosecutors are asking the judge on the case to sentence Cindy under the multiple offender law, which could extend her sentence to 20-years.

Source: ABC

Baby starts talking at just three months old (FAKE)


Christians Upset Over "Satanic" Ice Cream Shop (REAL)

Members of the Christian community are beginning to boycott an ice cream shop they believe is offensive towards Jesus. Sweet Jesus ice cream is making its way across the U.S. from Canada, but it’s having a hard time pleasing Christian communities that are petitioning against the company claiming it “serves up blasphemy.” So far they already have over 12-thousand signatures.

“Choosing the name of our Lord for a brand of soft-serve ice cream is totally offensive and revolting,” reads the petition. “However, this is anything but a mere mistake…The message is clear: ‘Sweet Jesus’ is all about trashing Christianity and mocking the saving work of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ian O’Sullivan, who started the petition, is calling it “religious discrimination.” He feels that certain flavors like “Red Rapture,” "Hella Nutella" and “Sweet Baby Jesus” mock the religion and are “anti-Christian.”

Sweet Jesus couldn’t disagree more. In a response to the petition, they said, “Our name was created from the popular phrase that people use as an expression of enjoyment, surprise or disbelief. Our aim is not to offer commentary on anyone’s religion or belief systems. Our own organization is made up of amazing people that represent a wide range of cultural and religious beliefs.” Co-founder, Andrew Richmond, also notes that they will not be changing their name anytime soon because “the majority of people understand that we’re not trying to make a statement about religion.”



Small Distillery Claims It Created Coke's Recipe (REAL)

A distillery in the small Spanish town of Aielo de Malferit is claiming to be the OG creators of Coca-Cola. Juan Juan Micó, owner of Destilerías Ayelo says he’s got the recipe for Coke, originally called “Kola-coca” locked inside a safe on the grounds. He’s saying the distillery was the first to make Coca-Cola’s syrup, which was sold to the U.S. some 133-years-ago and now he wants his town to get recognition for it.

Story goes that the distillery opened 138-years-ago by local entrepreneurs Enrique Ortiz, Ricardo Sanz, and Bautista Aparici.They were able to concoct the Kola-coca syrup made of coca leaves and kola nuts. The Spanish mixed their version with fresh water, while they say Coca-Cola modified the recipe with soda water. Aparici was said to be the sales rep for the group and brought the “Kola-coca Superior Syrup” recipe to Philly in 1885. By the next year, John Pemberton put Coca-Cola on the market in Atlanta.

After that, Coca-Cola became so wide spread, Kola-coca was forced out of production. Now village authorities just want Coke to acknowledge their connection to the village. “Everything points to this being the case,” says the town’s mayor José Luis Pinter. “Our aim is to get Coca-Cola to acknowledge the project so that the town will get recognition. We’re not seeking anything more than that.”

A rep for Coca-Cola has responded saying, “The brand has taken off in such a way that it now belongs to the entire world. This has happened in other parts of the world and for us, it’s a source of pride.”

Source: The Sun

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