Scam Alert! Watch Out For Deer Hunting License Scams

It's almost here. That time honored tradition of the Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season. And yes, I believe that it should be written in capital letters. So many childhood and adulthood memories revolve around this time of year. From bagging your FIRST deer to being so cold you often question your own sanity.

However, with all the family, friends and good times, there are those that just want to pee in our Cheerios.

From our friends at WQOW, this story is a warning about a scam online pertaining to purchasing WI deer hunting licenses.

The DNR has announced that there are at least two websites out there that are fraudulent. They look like official places to buy a license, but simply take your money and then offer up only more information on how to purchase a license. In addition, these sites are collecting YOUR personal information.

To be safe, the DNR tells us that we can purchase licenses on the website You can also still get them at any of the DNR service centers and DNR authorized retailers.

Anyone who has been scammed or think they may have been, please call the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture (DATCP) at 1-800-422-7128 or e mail to file a complaint.

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