Eau Claire Changes Winter Parking Rules.

Looks like we are back to the old 'alternate side' parking rules. Which honestly, is still confusing. Thanks to our friends at WQOW 18 for the story.

The Eau Claire City Council has approved the change by a vote of 8-1. Why in the world do ONLY 9 people have a say in this? Pretty sure that these 9 do NOT have to adhere to any type of parking rules in their neighborhoods.

So anyway, we are now back to 2013. According to the story at WQOW, that means 'alternate-side' parking will be in effect daily from November 1 until May 1. Of course those dates may change depending on what kind of Arctic Circle winter from Hell we may have here.

I don't think they are joking. The fee for an infraction is $30. However, the Council member said that these changes will give police officers plenty of time to warn us before the rules go into effect.

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