Top 5 Bizarre Things People Have Witnessed At Work

I am sure most of you, at one time or another, have been witness to something pretty weird, gross, shocking or maybe even disgusting at work. Let's see if any of these on the list match what you have seen. This article lists 19, but I broke it down to my Top 5.

5) Clippings King - An employee would clip her fingernail AND toenails at her desk, then proceed to fling them at her co-workers. EEsh!

4) Pimple Popper - Co-worker would pop her zits using the front end register monitor as a mirror. While the restaurant was open.

3) The Biscuit Licker - Every morning this lady would open up a pack of biscuits and proceed to LICK them on both sides. Then she would dunk them in her coffee and suck on them. Creepy.

2) The Tuna Queen - Every day this woman would bring a can of tuna. She would drain it in her waste basket next to her desk, then eat it with her hands! She also never washed her hands afterwards.

1) The Beard Trimmer - Co-worker would rip his beard hairs out and CHEW on them and then spit them out into a cup. OMG, I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

What are some of the most bizarre things you have witnessed at work?

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