Elk Mound Man Hits An Even Dozen OWIs

Keith Bondie, 60, of Elk Mound was found passed out in his car at the Kwik Trip location on North Town Hall Road. He has been charged with his 12th OWI.

The entire story can be found thanks to our friends at WQOW 18. But, basically police and EMS were called to the gas station Saturday night where Bondie eventually woke up and got out of his vehicle where he told police he had about 6 beers two hours earlier. Breathalyzer came back at .239, almost three times the legal limit. Legally, he was not supposed to be driving. His privileges had been revoked after his last OWI in 2016.

He will be back in court next month. Currently he is being held on $10,000 cash bond.

Again, thanks to WQOW 18 for the story.

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