Keystone Light Beer Wants To Pay Your Rent

The beer brand Keystone Light has kicked off a giveaway that could make you $12,000 richer.

They are calling it a 'Free Rent' contest to make it sound more fun, I guess. But still, $12,000 is $12,000!! If someone wants to write me a check for that amount, who am I to say no?

It seems pretty easy to get registered. I found THIS website where you can sign up. You can also enter via Snapchat.

Thirteen lucky Grand Prize winners will all receive a check for $12,000. Plus, there are 150 'transition packs' to be given away. Those include a Keystone Light brand inflatable chair, shower curtain, Hawaiian shirt, and a 'can'-delier, which is a chandelier made out of Keystone Light cans.

Good luck and please drink responsibly.

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