Who Remembers THIS Eau Claire Band?

It was at The Pines Ballroom, but don't ask me what year it was. Probably 1987-88? Two of my friends asked me if I wanted go see this band at The Pines that Saturday night.

The band was called 'Airkraft.' And although I don't remember a lot of details because it was a while ago, I do remember really having a good time listening to this rockin' band. But, the most memorable thing about this band is of course, the bass player - Peter Phippen. He was headbanging before I knew what headbanging was!

The band was rounded out by co-founders Mitch Viegut (lead guitar/vocals) and David Saindon (lead vocals/guitar), along with Gyro (drums) and Jon Douglas Dixon (keyboards/vocals).

I have found an AIRKRAFT web page page and a Facebook page about the band. I know they are not together anymore, but I hope that they are least NOT enemies. They played their final show together in 1995. It's been far too long.

Maybe the ULTIMATE reunion. 'AIRKRAFT'?

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