Green Bay Packers Open Training Camp TODAY!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?

It's the official start of Green Bay Packers training camp today. And a very special birthday as well. Happy 100th birthday to our historic, 13-time NFL Champions. The franchise got it's start in 1919.

Yup, pretty geeked about the start of another season of Green Bay Packers' football. I love the fact that here in Wisconsin, we do not refer to the NFL season as football season, nope, to us it is and will always be Packers' season. Period.

With a new coach in Matt LaFleur and a new scheme, system, offense and defensive plan, what will the 2019-2020 season be like for the Green Bay Packers? If I knew that, I would have won the Lottery a LONG time ago. But, it sure is going to be fun watching it all unfold.

If you are headed over to Green Bay for training camp, travel safe and enjoy. It's an experience like no other in the National Football League.

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