Top 5 Quirky Places In Wisconsin To Visit This Summer

If you plan on travelling around our great state of Wisconsin anytime soon, make sure to put these 5 awesome spots on your 'must see' list.

5) Big Dick's Buckhorn Inn - 105 Walnut Street Spooner

Named the 'Granddaddy of Downtown Spooner' it's place where you can see a two-headed stuffed calf, a saber-toothed tiger and where the men's room was once used by President John F. Kennedy back in 1960. I couldn't find a website for Dick's, but they do have a Facebook page. Come in for the hundreds of stuffed animal mounts, stay for the awesome vibe and experience.

4) Jurustic Park - M222 Sugar Bush Lane Marshfield

Not quite like going back in time where these huge animals ruled the earth, but it's still pretty fun! These creatures are sculpted out of iron and metal from old, thrown out antiques. Plus, don't forget about The Hobbit House! Open most days from 10:am - 4:30 pm, they do suggest that you check a head of time to make sure they will be open when you stop by.

3) Dr. Evermore's Sculpture Park Forevertron - US 12 North Freedom

If you didn't get enough sculpture's at Jurustic park, then you will have to stop in at Dr. Evermore's. It contains the 'World's Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture.' named Forevertron. Standing at more than 320 feet, it towers over everything else. But maybe the best thing to see and visit while you're here is Dr. Evermore himself!

2) The Pink Elephant - 4995 County Road V DeForest

Simply called 'Pinkie' this animal has greeted everyone who stops for almost 60 years. It's pretty hard to turn down this type of a photo opportunity. Plus, you can take home your own Pinkie as they gift shop sells pink elephant souvenirs.

1) Chainsaw Totem Pole Forest - County M Medford

This one is so close, but many people I asked about it had never heard of it. Simply put, 21 poles. Over 400 chainsaw. What could you possibly create with that? Definitely worth the drive.

There plenty more odd and fun places to visit all across Wisconsin. Make sure to visit the article on the website to check some of them out.

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