What Is Your 'I Go Back' Song?

Kenny Chesney's hit song 'I Go Back' is probably my favorite Kenny song. Well, that and 'Noise', but 'Noise' was never a big hit and no one really knows it.

Anyway, the song talks about how everyone has THAT song. A song that literally transport you to a specific place and time. To a memory from childhood or your teen years or even meeting the love of your life.

For me, my 'Go Back' song is a tune from 1987. The lead singer of the rock band Foreigner had decided to pursue a solo career and on his debut album 'Ready Or Not' he had that song. I have a pretty good idea why this song is MY 'Go Back' song, but those memories are just for me.

So, I gave you my choice - 'Midnight Blue' written and performed by Lou Gramm.

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