New Restaurant Location To Open In Eau Claire

As of July 15, Eau Claire will add to it's long list of lunch and/or dinner options.

Now, this is NOT a commercial for them and I am NOT getting paid .In fact, I haven't even been to an Arby's in at least, well over 15 years.

The national restaurant chain 'Arby's is opening an new location at 3170 Clairemont Avenue. According to Arby;s spokespeople, the location will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. It will also include a drive through window for convenience. Inside seating will hold 48 with options such as a communal table and an eating bar with multi-media charging outlets.

This will be joining the other Arby's locations in the Chippewa Valley.

-1019 South Hastings Eau Claire

-2821 Hendrickson Drive Eau Claire

-307 Prairie View Road Chippewa Falls

Arby's got it's start in 1964 by brothers LeRoy and Forrest Raffel who liked burgers, but were looking for something different. They opened up a sandwich shop in Boardman, Ohio that served thin, sliced roast beef. The first franchise was opened in 1965 and the 'official' signature roast beef sandwich debuted in 1971.

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