B95 Country Fest 2019 Feedback-We Want To Know What You Think

This quick survey could get you 2 VIP tickets to Country Fest 2020.

Well, another year of Country Fest has come and gone. With this being my first party here in the Chippewa Valley, I approached it as a learning experience and to see how it is compared to other fests I have worked. Well, by the end of the first day, I felt completely at home. SO many listeners came up to our B95 broadcast booth and welcomed me and said 'HI' and mainly wanted to put a face with the new voice. Same thing happened as I visited some campsites, welcomed with open arms and more than likely another beer! (Which I saved for later AFTER I was working).

The Country Fest staff was amazing as well. They are people that you don't see that put this thing together and make it run, or at least look like it runs smooth as glass. They are the ones that truly need to be seen and thanked.

But, with all that being said there is another party to plan for 2020 and I know that Fest staff is trying to make it bigger, better and more spectacular than ever! So, they are asking for your help.

Please take a few moments to fill out this brief survey and let us know your thoughts. Plus, you could WIN a pair of V.I.P. tickets to next year!

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