You Have To Look At What Chippewa Valley Tech Did!

Courtesy of WQOW 18, Chippewa Valley Technical College is showing their patriotism early, by creating an enormous American flag.

The flag is located on the lawn of the Chippewa Valley Technical College – Energy Education Center, off of North Crossing.

Groundskeeper Dustin Peterson spent about three hours using a rolling system on the back of a lawn mower to help lay grass down, which creates the light and dark contrast needed to make the flag.

“It is very difficult to do,” Peterson said. “I didn’t realize it was going to be as hard as it was. When you conjure up this idea in your head you’re like, ‘how hard can this be?’ Then you start on it and you’re like this is a lot harder than I thought.”

Peterson had some help, including a consult from the head groundskeeper from the Boston Red Sox for some tips and tricks to making the 8,000 square-foot creation.

Peterson said next year, he’s considering adding a wave to the flag.

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