Is It Garage Sale, Rummage Sale, Yard Sale, Thrift Sale or WHAT?

As a kid, my brothers and I would help my mom go through the Rice Lake Chronotype classified section on Thursday to plan out our weekend assault on as many garage sales as we could hit. You have to have a plan or you waste a lot of time and gas money. Efficiency is the key. That sure seems like typical Wisconsin thing to do.

Well, that season is upon us again. Where we go through every drawer, closet, basement, garage and storage sheds to try make a little money while getting rid of stuff we thought we needed at one time or things we just don't use anymore. And in return head out to as many others sales to see what treasures we may find.

We always referred to our sale as a 'garage' sale. But, there also rummage, yard, thrift, moving and multi-family sales.

So, what's the difference?

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