Unbelievable Crazy Wisconsin Laws That STILL Exist

I am sure our forefathers had good intentions, but somehow someway they may have lacked a little foresight while passing these laws. The oddest part about these ordinances is that there must have been some reason to begin to enforce them. Now, I couldn’t get full confirmation on a couple of these, but most of these are straight from the Wisconsin State Legislature. Maybe there should be a law about passing ridiculous laws?

5) It Is Illegal to Shoot Animals From an Airplane

I guess this one sort of makes some sense. It might not be too feasible if you’re hunting small game such as rabbit or squirrel, but I bet it would make things very interesting when deer hunting season comes around.

4) You Can’t Force Someone to Have a Microchip Implanted

Wait, what? I thought this kind of stuff only happens in the movies? But, believe it or not, Wisconsin is one of 5 states where there is legislation opposing mandatory microchip implanting. You realize that this means microchips are LEGAL in the other 45 states. I’ll be Minnesota and Illinois are two of them.

3) Adultery is a Class I Felony

This law was put into works back in 1849. Wisconsin Statute 944.16 states that anyone caught breaking this law is subject to 3 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Wow! Not sure if that one is worth it. It’s one of the Ten Commandments, maybe the penalty should be even tougher?

2) It Is Illegal NOT to Give Livestock the Right of Way

When I first read this one I laughed, but it’s just more common sense than anything. Do you EVER think twice about not letting a cow cross the road. OK, that last part sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke. But, since 1957 Wisconsin Statute 346.21 has been protecting the rights of livestock everywhere here in America’s Dairyland. Here's the actual law:

The operator of a motor vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to livestock being driven over or along any highway but any person in charge of such livestock shall use reasonable care and diligence to open the roadway for vehicular traffic.’

1) It Is Illegal to Serve Margarine

This one has been on the books since 1895 and is still there as Statue 98.17. Unless a customer specifically orders it, margarine can NOT be used in restaurants, prisons, schools or any other state institutions. As Governor Knowles once called it ‘the yellow stick of Satan.’

I guess it’s time for a ‘Oleo Run.’ You just smiled when you read that because you know what it means.

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