Top 5 Haunted Eau Claire Places

You could say that I am some what of a conspiracy theorist. Not that I am wearing a tin foil hat or anything, but it is very interesting to read about those types of subjects. UFOs, Moon Landing, JFK assassination, Bigfoot, Area 51 and so on.

Paranormal activity, ghost and hauntings fall into that category. That's why I had to dig into the Eau Claire area and find out where the most haunted locations are. Searching the internet brought me to this article by Elise Sitzman 'The 5 Most Haunted Eau Claire Must-Gos' I think I like this author. She didn't write it as warning, she wrote it as a you have to go check these places out!

5. Asylum Hill

The Eau Claire Asylum building is no longer standing. But according to reports from local residents, some spirits stayed behind. It stood up the slope along the south side of Truax, east across North Clairemont) sort of in between Old Orchard Road and County Farm Road. Now, it is a park and a wooded area, but people still claim to witness to some creepy things out there.

4. Fire Station No. 10

In 1981, former firefighter Alex Arnie Blum died of heart disease. But, the majority of firefighters who have worked there claim that Alex never left. There have been countless occasions of spooky happenings like pots and pans flying off the wall, doors opening and closing and even apparitions of Alex Blum.

3. Banbury Place

13 is often considered to be unlucky. Well, building number 13 at Banbury Place is no exception. An accidental electrocution took the life of a former tenant. However, many people have witnessed shadowy figures roaming the hallways. Also, the sound of an old air conditioner along with scream and moans have been heard.

2. Kjer Theatre

If you're going to opening night, be warned. This is one of the most popular and well known haunted spots in Eau Claire. The Kjer Theater at UW-Eau Claire. Founder Earl Kjer died in 1965, but people claim he is still around. Odd things that happen to the lights, props, curtains, doors rattling or when items go missing are all blamed on Earl. The acivity seems to increase around opening night of a new show. Oh, by the way don't even THINK about sitting in his chair!

1. Stones Throw

Built in 1893, it was first called the Cameron-Drummond-Slagsvold Building and was originally a bank. Story is that somewhere in the early 1900's a man hanged himself inside the building and has been haunting the place ever since. It is located downtown next to the State Theater.

Have you been to any or all of these. Plus, there HAS to be other haunted spots in the Chippewa Valley. Where are they?

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