Top 5 Things People From Wisconsin Have To Explain To Out Of Staters

We have a lot to be proud of here in Wisconsin no doubt, but some of the things that we take for granted, people from other places simply do not and probably can not understand.There are actually 30 in this article I found, but I broke it down to my favorite five. Ready?

5) Every Wisconsin Grandma Can Get Down and POLKA!

I remember learning to polka in Elementary school gym class. Plus, if I am not mistaken, you couldn’t graduate 3rd grade unless you could master this dance. So, for those who do not know, it’s 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, while alternating steps. Simple, right?

4) The County and State Fairs Top Themselves Every Year With New Deep Fried Foods

Now, I love me some bumper cars and a ride on The Sizzler, but come on. who are we kidding? The #1 reason to hit the fair circuit in Wisconsin is the food. More specifically, the DEEP FRIED foods. From cheese curds to Twinkies to a fat Elvis on a Stick, I can actually hear my heart exploding! But, man is it yummy.

3) Everyone Marks Their Calendars for the First Day of Hunting.

I just noticed another ‘thing’ to add to this list. The fact that I didn’t even have to mention what specific animal that is going to hunted. We all know. It’s more than a season, it’s a rite of passge.

2) Friday Night Fish Fry

Not even sure we need to even say ‘Friday Night’ in this phrase. What are doing for dinner on Fridays? Well duh, Fish Fry. And yes, I will take onion on my slice of Rye bread.


Again, not even sure if we need to say Green Bay anymore. It’s simply ‘da Packers.’ Why we have that Green & Gold flowing through our veins and our DNA, I’m not too sure, but I know for sure that I have it! I even have the Packer’s ‘G’ tattooed on my arm. From Bart Starr to The Majic Man, Brett and now Aaron, this team IS us. And by God, do we love them! GO PACK!

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