Chippewa Valley Regional Airport Name Change

Might be time for the airport to become more hip. Maybe not more hip, but more distinguished. Now, by this point you see how my mind works. I am not out to insult or demean anyone, these are just thoughts I have and thoroughly enjoy sharing them with you and getting your feedback. Even if it's just all in good fun.

I began thinking about other airports in Wisconsin and their names. For example Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport is named after one of it's own home town heroes. Unites States Army Service General Billy Mitchell was raised in Milwaukee. He is often referred to as the father of the United States Air Force. I guess that qualifies as being worthy of naming an airport after you. By the way, he also has an aircraft names after him. You really should take some time to read about him, it's quite fascinating.

With that in mind, is there someone from the Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls area or even Wisconsin that we could consider re-naming the airport after? Plus, I would love to throw the phrase 'International' in there, even though there are no international flights, it just sounds cool.

Some of these are serious suggestions, while others are just for fun. If you know these names, then you'll know which ones are which.

Menard International Airport

Richard H. Cosgriff Sr.

Horace Ellis

Irving J. Carr

Harvey Schofield

Bill Schroeder

Gus Dorias

Lemoine Batson

Cub Buck

T. Keith Glennon

Justin Vernon

John Myhers

Ron Kovic

Chris Farley

Ford Sterling

'Kato' Kaelin Airport (well maybe not the entire airport, maybe we could name the waiting area after him.)

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