Eau Claire Woman Arrested For Meth

She's back. Eau Claire woman faces 10 years for Meth arrest.

From WQOW, the woman previously accused of allowing people to sexually assault two young children in exchange for money and drugs is now in trouble with the law again.

Michelle Mayer’s previous case was dismissed with prejudice after an alleged victim became too emotional to testify. That also means the case cannot be retried.

On Wednesday, Mayer was arrested on charges of possessing and delivering meth.

According to the criminal complaint, A witness called police because Mayer and Gregory Paige were parking by a downtown Eau Claire body shop for hours at a time.

The caller told police Paige would then go into the nearby woods multiple times.

When police made contact, Paige opened the glove box where an officer saw drug paraphernalia.

Police searched the car and found meth. Paige claimed it belonged to Mayer, but she denied it.

Both are free on a signature bond.

If convicted on all charges, Mayer faces a maximum penalty of nearly 10 years in prison.

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