Does the Eau Claire Express Need a New Name?

Does the Eau Claire EXPRESS Need a Name Change?

Now, I am a big baseball fan and will be attending many games this season. I also am tickled about some of the Promotions they have coming up like 'Win a Prepaid Funeral Night', 'Cheese Curd Appreciation Night', 'Country Night', 'Star Wars Night', 'Mustard Night' and so many more that you can check out here.

The reason I bring this up is that I heard some people talking about the other day. And I have always thought that minor league baseball teams have the absolute BEST team names in the entire sporting world. Even in our own Northwoods League there are the 'Moondogs', the 'Rox', the 'Growlers', the 'Honkers' and of course the 'Spitters.' Those are great baseball team names! Then we have the Express. But, I am not complaining and certainly not looking to offend anyone associated with the team, it's just a personal feeling. So, let's say (for poops and giggle sake) that IF we could change the name what do you think it should be?

Here's what I came up with:

The Eau Claire Half Mooners

The Eau Claire Fighting Bon Ivers

The Eau Claire Kato Kaelins

OK, maybe the Express name isn't so bad after all.

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