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The Big Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Out of Office Replies

Here are some mistakes you might be making in your OOO reply.

Not having an Out of Office (OOO) reply to begin with:

Angela Karachristos is a career coach who has worked in HR and told HuffPost, quote, "Granted, it’s easy to forget when you are eager to take off on your vacation, but make an effort to set the OOO before leaving. Not doing so could potentially damage your credibility as a responsive and helpful colleague ― don’t risk it!“

Setting a specific date when you are back:

This gives you a deadline of when people are expecting to hear back from you & will cause unnecessary stress. Instead, set a clear timeline of when they can expect to hear back from you. Bonnie Dilber, a recruiter with app-automation company Zapier, said quote, “I suggest making this a few days after your return. So if you get back on June 6th, let them know that they’ll hear from you the week of June 12th. If they get an early response, great! But if it takes you a while to prioritize a response, they won’t be following up.”

Do not leave your contact information:

If leave contact information, people will use it.

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Source: Huff Post

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