Local News 4/27/18


Wisconsin and Texas are leading a coalition of 20 states trying to invalidate the Affordable Care Act. A motion seeking a preliminary injunction was filed in a federal court in Texas Thursday. The states are arguing that Obamacare is no longer constitutional following passage of this year's tax overhaul which eliminates fines for failing to have health care coverage. Sixteen states with Democratic governors want to intervene, saying they have to defend the law because the Trump administration won't do that.

-Wheeler News Service

The Chippewa River reached its peak in Eau Claire Thursday and officials are asking residents to stay off the water for your sake and theirs. David Whitehouse, the Captain of Dive Rescue for the Eau Claire Police Department told News 18 crews are ready to jump into action should they get a rescue call, but they're really hoping it doesn't come to that. Whitehouse said "It's one of the most dangerous incidents” that they can respond to as a fire department. The Eau Claire Fire Department recently got a fifth rescue boat for its fleet and rescue officials said it's one of a kind. The boat features a dive platform in the front and a ridge underneath to allow crews to navigate shallow areas. Meanwhile - farther south, the Chippewa River in Durand is still rising. Experts expect it to crest today and start receding over the weekend.

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A new count of Eau Claire's deer herd shows there are still too many, and that could lead to changes in hunting rules. A retired DNR wildlife biologist hired by the city spotted 354 deer when he took to the sky in February. That's the highest number in the past four years, and it's up 53 percent from last year. Eau Claire Parks Director, Jeff Pippenger, said that means there are nearly three-times as many deer as the recommended urban deer density.

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Officials broke ground on a new Eleva-Strum Elementary School Thursday afternoon. Students and staff gathered outside the high school, a few hundred feet from the site of the new building. Voters decided the new school should be built there, so all district students will be on the same school grounds.

-WQOW News 18


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