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Trial got underway Tuesday for the Minnesota man charged with killing an international UW-Stout student in Menomonie.  Cullen Osburn is on trial for felony murder and aggravated battery. He's accused of punching Hussain Alnahdi outside a Menomonie pizza place on Halloween weekend 2016.  In opening arguments, Dunn County District Attorney, Andrea Nodolf, told jurors Cullen Osburn was looking to party, and looking to fight that night.

Nodolf said "He was angry, because earlier in the day, his girlfriend refused to take his call," specifically telling her "If you don't answer my call, I'm going to go beat someone up."  Osburn's lawyer, Christopher Zipko, painted a very different picture, pointing out that Alnahdi was over three times the legal alcohol limit for driving.  The jury, chosen Tuesday morning, includes a retired Menomonie police officer, and a firefighter/paramedic. The trial is expected to last eight days. 

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The Eau Claire City Council approved, on Tuesday, a pair of sidewalk projects that divided a neighborhood.  The sidewalks will be placed along Keith Street and Taft Avenue near Eau Claire Memorial High School.  One Taft Avenue resident told WQOW News 18 on Monday that she didn't want the added tax burden the sidewalk would add to her property value. But a homeowner on Keith Street thought it was a good idea because it is used by high school students. In the end, the council agreed.  Creating sidewalks in front of homes will add $1,100 to $1,400 to its assessed value, raising property taxes accordingly.

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Three investors have until April 15th to work out a deal to buy Bon-Ton Stores, Incorporated, and its assets.  Bon-Ton filed for bankruptcy in February and notified the state of Wisconsin it is closing 12 stores and its corporate headquarters in Milwaukee last week.  Washington Prime Group, Namdar Realty and D-W Partners have submitted a letter of intent to buy Bon-Ton.  Theirs was the only offer which would keep the stores open and the 22-hundred employees on the job.

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